10 Techniques To Awaken Your Inner Champion

Start Improving Your Inner Dialogue & Change The Trajectory Of Your Life

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This complimentary (yup, it's on us) course is a comprehensive program that will teach you 10 different ways to improve your self-image (how you speak to yourself when you are alone with your thoughts).

Your self-image is the greatest barometer of the quality of your inner and outer life.

By improving this, you will not only improve your relationships but you will also gain that much needed inner peace.

The course also includes a free 30-minute call with Ranbir (Valued at $125+).

Our mission with this program is to load you up with the tools and resources you need so you can light up your whole world.


For those of you who would rather read the transcript:

Meditate or Medicate?

Did you know that we are the most medicated generation of all time?

Anxiety and depression rates are through the roof...

Self-harm in kids is growing at epidemic rates.

Yet self-help books have been flying off the shelves.

Coaches, yoga instructors, gurus are everywhere trying to teach you how to use the spiritual practices of the East so you can feel better. So you can be “positive”.

While I’m grateful for all the helping hands out there, I’m also concerned about the fact that there isn’t a long-lasting method being shared. The truth. That lasts.

When I was struggling I couldn’t find anything out there that satisfied both the East and the West that lives in me.

Let me explain, I was born in India. My family moved to Canada when I was two. My parents, like most immigrants, worked hard to teach us about our homeland. They wanted us to retain our cultural and spiritual practices (and of course, our culinarily dishes 😋).

The blessing of being raised by Indians in Canada is that I got to pick and choose the best of both worlds. It’s an incredible mix that has led me to have a fulfilling life.

When I was struggling, and looked to the self-help world for guidance, what I found was either too rooted in money/a little cold or it was too woo woo.

Let’s face it, not everything about both ways of living is perfect. There’s a heck of lot of mysticism in the East that can’t be backed up by science. And there’s a heck of a lot of science in the West that doesn’t know how to measure the infinite and let’s face it, a lot of research is backed up by major corporations looking to profit.

Because I felt stuck, and so did my husband, we put our heads together and we came up with a system for our own use. It was never meant to be shared publicly.

But people started to ask me, “how do you do this or that?” And I began to share. One thing led to another and before you know it, I’m speaking on a TEDx stage sharing some of our methods.

When people ask me, what do you do, I say “I help build strong children and help repair bent adults”.

That’s right. As the singer, Pink, says you are not broken, just bent.

How do you starting feeling good again? I can help you with that. I’ve used these methods first in my own life then in the lives of others (since 2009). I have helped adults that seemed broken beyond repair. I have showed them how to create miracles in their own lives.

You know the way, instinctively, to your own healing, your own joy, your own dreams. Your way is the right way for you.

There is no template for enlightenment!

What I do, is I show you how to hear your inner guidance system again. Help light the path back to you.

I hold your hand when you need but put your feet the fire when needed as well.

If you’re struggling, or simply ready to soar, then we need to talk. You need to get the wisdom of the East from someone that was not only born there, but lived it in her formative years.

I’ve filtered out the stuff from the East that doesn’t propel you forward. I also understand your dreams of living abundantly and fully experiencing the physical side of the world. I get it, I like nice things too.

I have never opened my coaching practice up in this way before. My business has been based solely on referrals. But I felt compelled to put this out there for you.

I have been put on this Earth to serve. I got you and I get you.

I can teach you how to stop living your life with your fingers crossed...so you can live your life with your arms wide open instead.

Download my free course: 10 Techniques to Awaken Your Inner Champion...do it now, because you’ve read this far and you’re ready.

If you complete the program, I’ll give you 30 minutes of my time, on me.

I am honoured to help you awaken your inner champion so you can light up this whole damn world.

Satnam and Aloha

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Ranbir Puar
Ranbir Puar
Ranbir Puar is a Life Strategies Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker and Podcaster who helps kids and adults transform their inner dialogue in order to help them reach their full potential, personally and professionally. Ranbir started her coaching practice in 2009 and her work has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world and she has a popular TEDx Talk called "Building Strong Children". Using practical, powerful and profound techniques to help individuals interrupt old patterns and programming Ranbir is able to help her clients achieve long-lasting change. Most importantly, Ranbir's work focuses on improving the relationships "Under Your Roof" by helping you Learn To Like Yourself and Like Your Family©. Ranbir has also been a 7-Time Staff Pick on Insight Timer. The world’s largest community of meditators.

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